Custom Made Furs

Hello! My name is Christos Taltsidis, I am the only authentic master furrier in the Chicago land area, making me the “Last of the Mohicans”.

Retailers who only sell fur, but are unable to construct or sew, are not true furriers, I design, sew and create fur garments on premise. The average fur coat requires approximately 9,000 stitches, is labor intensive, and requires precise cutting of expensive pelts. Most fur coats carried in stores are manufactured overseas with inferior pelts. This creates ill fitting garments that do not drape correctly.

For me, the art of creating furs started in Kastoria Greece, known as the fur capital of the world. There are several theories about the origin of the name Kastoria, it is believed the name was derived from the Greek word Kastoras, meaning “beaver”.

Trade in animal fur was sourced from nearby Lake Orestrada, where the beaver population is very high. Traditionally, trade in animal fur has been an important element of the city’s economy.



At the age of 12, I already had aspirations of becoming a furrier who produced impressive, original and high quality garments for men, women and children alike. To create a custom garment, requires taking the concept, sketching out a design, and carefully creating a measured pattern. Then, using time honored techniques, producing a masterpiece that will suit your personal needs.

When I came to United States at the age of  16, I worked for many leading furrier’s in the  Chicago land area such as, Nordstrom, Evans Furrier, Maple Furrrier, Mysel Furs, and, Abarhamson Furs. I have the knowledge, thirty years of history and experience working with many of Chicago lands finest fur craftsmen.

My experience with alterations, design, cleaning and care of fur, leather and the shearing of garments puts me at the top of my craft. I can create and/or restore any garment you desire.

Along with years of hands on experience perfecting my craft, I also attended, and graduated from, the Chicago Fur Association with a degree in designing patterns and techniques to construct the perfect fit.

I take pride in all my work from the smallest project to the largest. Along with my love for the art of designing, I surround myself with staff that share the same enthusiasm in our craft. We continue to strive for perfection in the art of fur, leather and shearling.

Custom Made Furs  will also gladly service items you have purchased elsewhere.